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Address the reckless statement by K.T Hammond- CPP Osei Kofi advises Akufo-Addo

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The unfortunate comments of the MP of Adansi Asokwa Mr KT Hammond should be given a full attention by the president before it turns into something else.

The comments are tribal bigotry, factually incorrect and misrepresentating.

What people like KT Hammond should know is that, Kwame Nkrumah’s founded Ghana, is made up of different kinds of people and jurisprudence.

The plebiscite of 1956 made sure our geographical size was enough to qualify us to be called a Country!

A country made up of people with different names, language but with one destiny and vision.

As we speak a group of people from the Volta region have been charged with treason.

Their crime is that, they are demanding a break away from Ghana in order to form their own country.

The question is haven’t what Mr KT Hammond said proven that, what the people we are charging with treason are demanding may be legitimate after all??

KT may be a loose talk who is found of making reckless statements, but until the party he belongs to and its leader the president condemns and disassociate themselves from his comments, they will not be spared…

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