Aisha Huang is unable to even explain how she got to Ghana – State Prosecutors

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State prosecutors claim that even for the court, it will be a mammoth endeavor to solve the enigma surrounding “galamsey” mastermind Aishà Huang’s entry into the nation.

According to Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Frederick Sarpong, Miss Huang was unable to even recall how she entered the nation.

“A1 (Aishà Huang) has a history of entering and leaving the country clandestinely at her discretion.

On Wednesday, he addressed the court, saying, “My Lord, as the accused, as A1 stands, she herself cannot even explain the court how she got to enter this nation.

Because of this, the prosecutor insisted that it would be exceedingly difficult for the investigation if the judge granted her bail.

She was someone who could obstruct investigations, according to his description of her.

Additionally, the police prosecutor disclosed that additional individuals had been detained as part of ongoing investigations.

This was in response to a request for bail made by Aishà Huang Nkrabea Effah Dartey’s primary attorney.

By granting bail to all four accused parties, Mr. Dartey had pleaded with the court to give significance to the rule of law.

“Let the law work. On the facts before you, I pray you admit each of them to bail. We know that if you admit them it doesn’t mean they are innocent”.

Along with fellow Chinese nationals Johng Li Hua, Huang Jei, and Huaid Halhun, Aisha Huang has been charged.

They are all charged with engaging in unlicensed mining as well as unlicensed mineral sales and purchases.

The state’s story has been contested by the attorneys for Johng Li Hua, who passed out during the trial.

Lead Counsel Frank Kumakoh asserts that his client was at the house where the police swoop took place to visit a male friend.

The other two suspects, Huang Jei and Huaid Halhun, were reportedly garden boys who worked as domestic help at Aisha Huang’s home.

All four suspects have been placed in police custody and are scheduled to appear in court once more on September 27.


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