Asawase MP Muntaka replies NDC Chairman over murder allegation

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As a result of various accusations made against him by the National Democratic Congress(NDC) Asawase chairman for the Constituency, Member of Parliament (MP) Hon Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak has filed a complaint with the police and the NDC Ashanti leadership.

Faisal Dauda, the chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Ashanti region’s Asawase constituency, claimed during a news conference on Friday, January 13, that Muntaka Mubarak, a member of parliament, wanted him killed.

He said that the Asawase MP hired assassins to shoot him dead because there had allegedly been tension between them.

Muntaka Mubarak responded by saying that he has asked the party leadership and the police to look into the claim. Myjoyonline claims that the charges are “baseless.”

When he gave financial aid totaling more than $300,000 to 110 deserving kids in his area to pursue different postsecondary degrees, the Asawase MP was speaking with Luv News.


In the Asawase constituency in the Ashanti region, some youth of the major opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have appealed to the party’s national executives to step in and mediate in order to restore harmony between the local MP and some constituency executives.

They claim that there has been disunity between the MP, Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak, and several constituency executives ever since the constituency elections.

Umar Harris, the group’s spokesperson, said during a news conference that if the bad relationship isn’t fixed, it might hurt the party’s chances in the general elections in 2024.

In order to restore party unity, Harris asked for prompt action from the national executives of the party.
In the meantime, a number of party members who support the MP have claimed that certain constituency executives intend to harm the MP’s reputation.

They also denied allegations that the MP was responsible for the police’s failed effort to detain the chairman of the constituency.


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