Ato Forson criticizes Bawumia: “Stop blaming NDC for your incompetence.”

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The National Democratic Congress administration is denied responsibility for the country’s current debt burden, which forced the government to request assistance from the International Monetary Fund, according to Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. This accusation has been refuted by the minority in Parliament.

The Vice President blamed failures by the John Mahama administration, which lost power to the New Patriotic Party government in 2017, for the demands of the banking sector clean-up and the payments for energy sector capacity.

On Thursday, July 14, 2022, Dr. Bawumia made the remarks at a speech at the beginning of the IT programs at Accra Business School.

Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, the ranking member of the finance committee, urged the Akufo-Addo administration to accept responsibility for its mess in a statement to the media.

Dr. Ato Forson pointed Dr. Bawumia to earlier statements he had made to the Ghanaian people assuring them that the administration had taken the necessary precautions to avoid another IMF visit.

“In April this year, the same Dr. Bawumia, told the whole nation that the Economic Management Team under his chairmanship had put in place adequate measures to prevent the nation from going for an IMF programme. Today, Ghana is back to the IMF not even in good shape, but in dire economic situation. Is this not a spite of the Vice President’s assurance?” he quizzed.

“You will agree that we are not in normal times. Indeed, we are in very perilous moments; we are in uncharted waters; there are difficult moments ahead and so, what we expect from the head  of the Economic Management Team is some modicum of respect, honesty, integrity, and above all seriousness when it comes to governance and the issue of the economy. This is not the time for theatre comedy, and obviously not the time for IT jocular pranks. We are tired of the monotonous blame game on former President Mahama.”

At the press conference, Ato Forson stated: “Dr. Bawumia instead chose to resort to the frivolous and unfounded blame game rather than taking responsibility and forging consensus to face the excruciating and unimaginable hardships the people of Ghana are currently facing.”

He instructed Dr. Bawumia to treat his position with the respect it merits.

“The vice president’s post is a significant one, and it should be regarded as such.

He can’t transform into a propaganda poster boy and spread lies through his persona.

He continued, “From all appearances, the Vice-President President has plainly lost focus, lowering the standards required of a Vice-President while making his office look inconsequential.”

Dr. Ato Forson also advised Dr. Bawumia to focus on his primary responsibilities as the leader of the economic team and delegate the Minister of Information’s tasks to him so they can be carried out in accordance with custom.


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