Chiefs accuse NPP Chairman of interference in Yilo Krobo chieftaincy matters

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The Yilo Krobo Traditional Area, Nene Nanekey Terkpertey Ofori Agor lX Divisional Chief of Okper in the Yilo Krobo Traditional Area of the Eastern Region has launched scathing allegations of interference against the Eastern Regional First Vice Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the raging chieftaincy dispute in the Yilo Krobo Traditional Area.

The chief claims that the chairman is encouraging and directing attacks on the other chieftaincy faction.

At a press conference in Somanya on January 30, 2023, Nene Nanekey Terkpertey Ofori Agor IX accused Mr. Twum Barimah Koranteng of “disintegrating, destroying, tearing apart and ravaging” Yilo Krobo and claimed the chairman was holding the residents of Somanya hostage while preventing the municipal from receiving much-needed development.

“He is really doing great harm to our land and people… he has labelled himself as Somanya champion and he is really misbehaving and infiltrating into very sensitive areas within Yilo Klo,” noted parts of a statement read by the chief at the press conference.”

Nene Nanekey accused Mr. Barimah of being the brains behind an assault on the youth of Yilo krobo on November 15, 2021, which resulted in four injuries, citing many alleged transgressions by the politician.

The regional first vice chairman, according to the chief, allegedly funded some traditional leaders to invade Okperpiem a few days ago in an effort to impose Asafoatse, Asafoatse Manye, and other young leaders inside the enclave.

He attributed the ongoing acts of lawlessness on the Somanya police, who, despite receiving countless reports about these crimes, had done nothing to address them.

Twum Barimah Koranteng is the mastermind behind the Konor chieftaincy issues in Sra., according to Nene Agor, who also accused him of inciting conflict in other chieftaincy issues in Yilo Krobo despite not being a native of the region.

He is financially able to support unlawful activity and impose his preferences on Yilo Krobo’s members in conventional leadership roles.

The Yilo Krobo natives were also urged by the traditional head to resist being split apart by what he referred to as “outsiders'” behavior.

Mr. Twum Barimah was also warned not to “send his actions out of Krobo chieftaincy issues” and to “stop infiltrating into areas where he’s not needed.”

If the politician would not halt his illegal actions in the Okper area, Nene Terpertey Agor vowed to hold a protest against him.

Mr. Teye Agor, the spokesman for Mr. Twum Barimah Koranteng, responds to denounce the accusations and provide justifications.

As a police officer and lawyer assigned to the Accra Police Training School, Nene Terpertey Agor stated that he expects Nene Terpertey to follow due process by starting legal proceedings to address all of the accusations he is making.

“We want to put it on record that the people of Yilo klo are proud of Dr. Twum, they love and cherish him for the immense and numerous supports he has been giving to the npp party in Yilo krobo” he stated.

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