Don’t deny Ghanaians their rights under the cover of the new C.I. – NDC cautions EC

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has asked the Electoral Commission (EC) to postpone using the Ghana Card as the exclusive form of identification for voter registration and card acquisition.

The removal of passport requirements and the guarantor system, according to the party’s national chairman Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, is unlawful.

He claimed that if the C.I. is approved in its current form, it will disenfranchise potential voters who are unable to receive the national ID card provided by the NIA due to no fault of their own.

Therefore, if the EC does not heed the warning, the main opposition party has threatened to use all legal means, including mass action, to obstruct the move.

The Ghana card is a new feature of our national life and cannot immediately become the only way to identify a Ghanaian because it plays into the hands of the NPP, whose members comprise the leadership of both the National Identification Authority and the EC.

“We will mobilize the broad masses of Ghanaians to wage a sustained and unrelenting campaign to prevent any attempt by the EC to strip large sections of the population of their right to vote.”


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