Drivers complain of bad roads in Akuse, Asutsuare and Osuwem

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Drivers who ply the Osudoku, Akuse, Asutsuare and Osuwem district of the Greater Accra region have complained about the poor nature of the road and called for its rehabilitation.

They lamented that the main road leading from Akuse to Asutsuare was completely cut off, after a heavy downpour that creates more potholes making it impossible for vehicles to ply.

The road has deteriorated so much that it has now become a death trap when it rains.

They claim that as a result of the poor state of the roads, the spare parts they use on their cars do not last long, and therefore they are compelled to buy spare parts all the time, thus creating added costs for them.

“Already we are having problems of having to save for the maintenance of our vehicles, which has always become a problem for us, and now we have to use all the money we make for our sales for the replacement of our cars, it’s just unfortunate.

“Personally, I have had problems with my bolt joints, steering rack ends, lower arm and shafts due to the potholes on the road. We need the government to help us,” he added.

Some drivers also lamented on the road from Asutsuare to Osuwem is very bad especially with the potholes which makes it difficult for them to get to their destinations on time.

According to some drivers the only option they have is to increase transport fares from Gh9 to Gh13 when passengers are going to Kpone.

They appealed to government to come to their aid in fixing the road.

Source: Rahinatu

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