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Forensic Certified Accountants PRO blast government over deployment of 200 police personnel to MP’s

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You see how lazy, lousy and poor we are in our minds? Parliamentarians get 3 security each from now as a result of the death of one MP who was one of the victims of alleged robbery incident last Sunday.

In that incident, a driver died too. Apart from that, drivers have been shot dead, a lecturer was killed not long ago. A banker has been killed, a nurse has been killed, a teacher has been killed, two journalists have been killed among a slew of other killings of different kinds of Ghanaians.

In all of this, instead of the state to beef up security for all to feel safe, they have lazily resorted to withdrawing 200 of the already inadequate security officers from general operations to provide private security for Mps.

No wonder our roads are in shambles. The minister of roads who should have a feel of the frustrations the general Ghanaian goes through in order to think on his feet in solving our poor roads network, they come with dispatch riders and ride in huge brand new land cruisers and do not join the traffic nor feel the effect of the bumpy roads. In this regard, how does he get awakened on the need to get us better roads?

We have offered more than deserving privilege to these government officials and insulated them from the realities of the people and they lose touch as a result of this and how do we expect them to develop the country for the benefit of all? If you ever thought this group of people have you in their mind and seek your welfare, then you are joking.

Duke this out, buckle up, and enhance the security and the well-being of the general people and stop this weak minded and self-serving attitude of yours.

Until they do that, my dear reader, hold your power this year;dont relinquish it for the benefit of these greedy few.

(Credit:Awuni Akyereba-PRO,International Institute of Forensic Certified Accountant)

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