‘Free SHS review is constantly on the table’ – Ken Ofori-Atta to Ghanaians

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A reassessment of the free senior high school policy, according to Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta, is always a possibility.

This information was revealed on Joynews’ PM Express, when the speaker stated that the Education Minister is examining the policy to see how parents can be included without coercion.

He claims that the potential of revision is always on the table.

Additionally, it’s just to ensure that the proper instruction is provided and waste is reduced to provide value for the money.

Major players in the education sector and certain politicians have demanded a revision of the free SHS program in its sixth year of operation in order to alleviate the government of the financial burden it imposes in its current form.

Despite the government’s reluctance to review the policy, it has emerged that it is in fact being evaluated, according to the finance minister, although he made no mention of a timescale.

”If we have maybe scholarship schemes, then it means that you will have to prove that you need funding. So we can get very sophisticated about that to ensure that we get parents who in a way that is not cohesive and does not compromise on the citizen who is less than 18’s ability to access education.”

”If not for education we wouldn’t be sitting here, and that really is the human capital that we need. So efficiencies will be looked at. In the end, if you look at education in the budget, Senior High School is not in the tipping. But certainly, in any system, we look at efficiencies and find ways of making it more effective.”

The Finance Minister stated the following in response to the host’s direct query regarding whether or not the review is acceptable.

“Review is always on the table, merely to make sure that correct education is delivered, waste is avoided, and it gives us value for our money.”

“As a government, we constantly seek value for our money.”

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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