Galamsey Fight: Chinese illegal miners are destroying cocoa farms and water bodies – Catholic Bishop

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When the Bishop brought up a recent news story alleging that Chinese illegal miners had invaded the town of Adum Dominase in the Western Region and are destroying over seventy acres of cocoa farms as well as water sources, he was obviously enraged.

The Most Reverend Afrifa Agyekum questioned why Ghana had behaved so poorly in permitting Chinese and other foreigners to invade the nation and damage cocoa fields, the foundation of the economy, and contaminate bodies, endangering the existence of the populace.

“…for me to hear yesterday that Chinese are involved in this. And I don’t fear to say this. To destroy my country, and then afterwards you leave here and go and enjoy the booty in your country. Ghana we’ll have to sit up. We have to sit up. Why have we succumbed so low? If these people(Chinese/foreigners ) are so powerful and more powerful than Ghanaians, then I don’t know where we are going. Is it the Visa that they have to come into this country to do galamsey, who gave them that resident permit, and what work are they doing? Is anybody controlling it?” Most Rev. Afrifa Agyekum questioned.

According to the respected Catholic Bishop, illicit mining will have more severe effects than it already has, thus those with the authority to lead the battle must take action to put an end to the threat.

The future won’t be good unless the powers that be, whomever they may be, take this struggle seriously.

Someone just lately informed me that the CSIR has also issued a warning that our water sources have grown so filthy and unusable that we would need to import water into this country in the coming years.

How can we achieve that? I pass Birim like milk and coffee. Moreover, this is Ghana.

All Ghanaians were urged to speak out and take immediate action to stop the problem of illicit mining by Most Rev. Joseph Afrifa Agyekum.

“And everyone is seated. All of us are remaining silent. We must carry with our conversation. Galamsey will destroy this nation. Many Ghanaians would lose their solid livelihoods because to the money you will get today”.

Politicians need to take our advice. We gave you our vote. Employed by us. Everyone, including lawmakers, chiefs, police, and the army. I have the right to talk as I do because I am a Ghanaian.

I have my passport, and because I don’t need one to reside in Ghana, you cannot take it away from me. It is not ideal. We must be concerned about what is occurring.

“The amount of money that we get and look at the vast land that have been destroyed. I don’t know what to say again. The powers that be let’s all sit up let’s take action else the future of Ghana I don’t know where we are going to go. It saddens my heart, to be honest with you. I am 68 years that is why I am talking this way. I am older than some of the parliamentarians, older than some of the Ministers and so I have also the right to speak the way I am speaking. And we will continue to harmer on this whether they listen to us or not. And I am happy the Asantehene is putting his weight behind it. Let’s all come together and let’s fight this menace”.

At the 2023 Day Mass and Induction Ceremony for Rev.Fr.Benjamine Opoku Hene as the New Headmaster of Pope John Senior High School and Junior Seminary in Koforidua, Eastern region, he was addressing.

The new headmaster was tasked by the Most Rev. Afrifa Agyekum to protect and instill Catholic ideals in the students in order to foster their academic progress.

The implementation of a free senior high school together with increased infrastructure shows the government’s commitment to a high-quality, widely available education, according to Eastern Regional Minister Seth Kwame Acheampong.

According to Rev.Fr. Benjamine Opoku Hene, the new headmaster of Pope John SHS and Junior Seminary, discipline, supervision and monitoring, parent collaboration, and networking with former students are four theme areas he would push to improve the quality of teaching in the school.


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