Ghana National Fire Service cautions public against fire outbreaks during harmattan

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The public has been advised by the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) to abstain from burning trash carelessly during the harmattan season.

Nonselective backyard debris burning, especially during dry seasons, raises the likelihood of large-scale fire breakouts, claims the agency.

The request was issued on January 3, 2023 by ACFO Timothy Osafo Afum, the GNFS’s head of public affairs.

Speaking on the breakfast program “Nyansapo” on Kumasi’s OTEC 102.9 FM, ACFO Afum said it was extremely unwise to burn rubbish at home since it might result in fire catastrophes and make breathing problems for neighbors worse.

“People who have accumulated garden or home waste are being reminded that, burning them can lead to serious fatalities and so we are urging them to rather find a more appealing way to disposed off their waste materials”.

“The service request that residents refrain from garden bonfires, due to the increased fire risk that it can creates “.

However, ACFO Timothy Osafo Afum urged the public to quickly alert and involve firefighters if an incident occurs.

He warned everyone to dial 911 first in the event of a catastrophic emergency that can result in the loss of life or property.

What we have discovered is that many people attempted to put out fires on their own, which caused major issues. Sometimes, when we arrive at the site, the area has already been destroyed by fire.


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