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Economist needed as Ghana Veep for post covid years-Comrade Osei Kofi Acquah of the CPP writes

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Ghana my beloved country is made up of sixteen regions. People with different dialect and culture are found in the various regions.

For inclusiveness in governance and equal economic development in the various regions, Regional balance must not be overlooked by any serious political party. 

Again, Ghana is made up of people with different religious backgrounds, and for a better inclusiveness in governance, To establish a balance of religious inclusiveness, a political party or politician must consider balancing the equation by making sure that their leaders represent the various religious sects in our country.

I am not a tribal bigotry but i believe in regional and religious balance in governance, and I am a bigot when it comes to that!

One thing that will influence my vote if i was not a partisan and a staunch member of the Convention Peoples Party is, to vote for a candidate with economic or financial background post- covid 19.

The unexpected circumstances of the Covid-19 virus has brought both economic giant countries and thriving economic countries to their knees

The closure of borders in countries has not only restricted movements of investors and business men and women but it has drastically killed expected projected revenues and income.

Salaries of workers can barely see them through their daily lives.

The case of Ghana is exceptional in the extent that before the Covid-19 epidemic, alot of banking ponzy schemes and financial fraudsters took away the life savings and investments of most Ghanaians.

The lock downs in countries saw the shutting down of income and revenue generation avenues of governments and investors.

According to the IMF half of the world have all apply for a bailout due to Covid-19.

How those relieves by the IMF will be put to use to resurrect the economies of these countries is very important and vital post Covid-19 and a competent hand in leadership to handle this is non-negotiable.

On the basis of this observation I will champion the selection of a running mate who has a strong economic and financial background.

Again i will advocate the CPP to consider balancing both religion and regional equation.

Forward ever!

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