Ghana Water Company cry for help over galamsey pollution

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The harmful effects of mining are causing the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) to bemoan the cost of treating water bodies.


The business claims that it is currently burdened by significant financial outlays for chemicals used to treat highly turbid raw water at various extraction sites.

Speaking to a crowd in Koforidua, Ghana Water Company Limited’s communications manager Stanley Martey claimed that mining had become a hindrance to the company’s operations.

“The activities of illegal miners are bringing serious challenges because the chemicals used to treat the water are costly. The tariffs adjustments are not enough. The prices of the chemicals are going up and we need more of the chemicals to treat the water because of the heavy pollution and high turbidity levels.”

He continued by saying that their operations are being hampered by mining activities, illegal connections, contractor destruction of pipes, encroachment on distribution lines, and unpaid payments.

“We must shut down the treatment facility if we are unable to treat the water.

We’re not helped by the unlawful connections, therefore we’re pleading with people to stop doing these things, Stanley Martey continued.


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