GNAT demands 20% ‘Cost of Living Allowance’

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The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has requested the authorities in government to expedite motion to launch the Cost of Living Allowance as quickly as workable in view of the growing price of dwelling withinside the country.


The Association stated the current inflation charge of 23.6% as introduced with the aid of using the Government Statistician has eroded the lengthy negotiated 7% salary increase for the general public zone workers.

Cost of living allowance is an amount of money that an employee gets in addition to his or her normal pay. This comes in handy when the cost of living in a particular country is high.

According to GNAT General Secretary, Thomas Musah, failure for government to consider their request by June ending will stir the anger of teachers.

He noted teachers are suffering due to the current economic hardship including the rising inflation, therefore, the delay of the cost of living allowance by government is impacting their livelihood negatively.

“Like I said, we are talking about the basic necessities of life, the issues of water, food shelter, clothing, ability to pay your daily expenses, things that will enable you live as a human being.”

“The human security should be taken seriously because things are now very difficult, every day our workers have been calling us, so currently there is an uneasy calm. And it has become necessary that whatever we can do to bring this particular matter to the front burner is what we are doing,” he added.


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