GPRTU to increase lorry fares again by 30%

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From Wednesday, September 21, users of public transportation will pay at least 30% more thanks to an increase in fares.

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) made this announcement in a statement released today, September 14th.

The Union claims that its successful dialogue with its mother body led to the conclusion.

“We desire to communicate to the general public that there would be a 30% increment on fares commencing Tuesday, September 21, 2022 in consultation with our mother body, the GPRTU OF TUC.”

It justified the measure by pointing to the rising cost of fuel and replacement parts.

“Due to the increment in fuel products, spare parts, and the poor management of the economy of the government, we are unable to make enough money to cater for our family and pay off our loans.”

“We have no choice but to likewise increase our tickets as electricity tariffs, water tariffs, spare part prices, food prices, and pure water prices have all increased,” the statement continued.

Members have been charged to only charge the authorized percentage in the interim.

We warn our members against charging more than the agreed-upon 30%.

The recent increases in the cost of petroleum products in the nation were previously characterized as worrying by the GPRTU.

From September 1, 2022, fuel prices at the neighborhood gas stations increased by around 5.4%, with gasoline and diesel trading at an average price of 11.55 and 14.50, respectively.

The average price of gasoline and diesel per litre was Ghc 6.9 and Ghc 7.0 at the start of the year.


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