“I am ready to be the President Ghanaians are looking for” – John Mahama

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John Dramani Mahama has declared that he is prepared to serve as the kind of president that Ghanaians desire.

The former president claimed that in the last three to four years, after spending eight years in opposition, he has studied Ghana’s issues, spoken with numerous academics, and can state that he has learned a lot.

Further noting that he is asking for a change in administration in 2024, Mr. Mahama “I know how to deliver that badly needed change because, during the last three to four years, I have studied our problems, I have continued to listen to each and every one of you, and to a variety of scholars and experts – I can say with full confidence that I learned a lot during the period and I am ready to be the President Ghanaians are looking for.”

On Thursday, March 2, 2023, he proceeded to speak at the beginning of the launch of his campaign in the Volta region “in our present state, it is no longer sufficient to sit on the sidelines and offer suggestions, which are most likely to be ignored.”

For this reason, he said “I am, therefore, coming before you, in all humility, and in response to calls from my party and the generality of the people of Ghana, to offer myself, to serve this country and its people that I love so dearly, by first putting myself up for election in the NDC Presidential Primaries.

“There are many who say that my words, just before leaving office in 2016, that posterity will be my judge, have proven prophetic in the face of the disastrous performance of the NPP government and their harrowing dismantling of our country’s prospects. I am not the kind of leader who derives pleasure from or who can smile at our failings — even the failings of my political opponents.

“As noted by Otto Von Bismarck, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. As far as I am concerned, there is no vindication to be derived from the sufferings of the Ghanaian people.”

Mr Mahama stressed “I am offering myself for public office at this time because I appreciate the enormity of the task ahead owing to the level of damage done to our country by this government. And I also know that such a mountainous task requires a steady, unifying, and experienced hand to build the Ghana we want together.”

Despite the taunting task, he declared “I am set and ready! Very ready, to Build The Ghana We Want Together with you. Our mission is to get out of the current nightmare. And to get out of it together, reaching to one another, listening to one another, providing hope for all. Working with a pool of experienced, talented, and passionate men and women, and with many others from non-political backgrounds including the private sector and civil society who simply want the best for Ghana and who desire to transform our country and its people, it can and will be done.”


He told his audience “this is no time for experimentation. Ghana at this time does not need a ‘try me too’ leader.”

He thinks Ghana desperately needs a leader who isn’t enraptured with sloganeering, excessive politics, personal comfort, or shallow populism but who is unwaveringly committed to getting things done in a no-frills, no-fun, businesslike way.

According to Mr. Mahama, the next president of Ghana should have good judgment and the ability to make the correct decisions at the appropriate times.

A leader who takes ownership of the situation, works to resolve the issue, and does not place culpability elsewhere.

The leader, according to him, should have a compassionate heart and the modesty to relate to and comprehend the requirements of the people he leads.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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