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I can’t stop corruption; will make it costly – Kissi Agyabeng

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Special Prosecutor-nominee Kissi Agyabeng says he cannot stop corruption but will make it a costly venture.

He told the appointments committee at his ongoing vetting that not even God can stop corruption.

“Hon. Chair there was a reference to heavy shoes of a named individual. Hon. Chair I’ll like to state that I will prefer to wear my own shoes in the sense that I am my own man and I’m coming with my own experiences and professional training.

He went on “in this quest, my conscience and knowledge of the law are going to be my guide. My strategy is that Hon. Chair I’m not naive to assume that I’m coming to stop corruption.”

”There’s no way I can stop corruption. God Himself will not even acclaim to that. But I’m going to make corruption very costly, very costly to engage in’” he stated.

Acknowledging that the mission of combating the corruption practice will be difficult, Kissi Agyebeng expressed his commitment to ask what he termed, the tough questions and hold public officers accountable to save the country’s purse.

However, he was quick to add that he is going to make corruption very costly and submitted to institute, what he called, pressure for progress, in which quest there is going to be a systemic review of all public agencies and the development of integrity plans.

He confidently assured the Committee his intention to set up a public corruption perception index to rank public sector agencies against each other, a move which he said will help fish out institutions performing well and those that are not doing well in terms of corruption.

Source:\Louis Gyamerah

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