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Lock Ghana down for the second time-Odike to Nana Addo

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The founder and leader of the United Progressive Party Mr. Akwasi Addae Odike has accused Nana Akuffo Addo for failing to show leadership over his inability to lockdown the country for the second time during his 22nd COVID–19 update address last weekend since signs are clear Ghana was neck deep in the woods.

The avid critic of President Nana Akuffo Addo believed Ghanaians should have been sent into lockdown instead of the announcement on the re-opening of schools and added that the daily 200 reported cases of the COVID0-19 should be enough grounds for the lockdown since the current developments were synonymous to what necessitated last year’s total lockdown.

Mr. Akwasi Addae Odike who was speaking to Dr. Cash on DWABEREM on Monday 18th January 2021 on OTECFM maintained that at least a one-week lockdown would have been necessary for the government to re-impose new measures indicating that it was going to be difficult for the security to ensure all Ghanaians adhered to all the safety protocols on COVID-19 due to their misconceptions about the disease created by the posture of our leaders. 

Nana   Akuffo Addo during the 22nd update on the COVID-19 outbreak said, among others things that, “I am pleading with you, please observe the Covid-19 protocols at all times. You must maintain the level of discipline and sense of responsibility to stop the virus from spreading in your schools and, for day students, at home, as well. Wear your masks at all times. Wash and sanitize your hands regularly. Protect yourself. Protect each other. Protect your teachers. Protect your parents. “But, please, do not give me a reason to close down schools again. I pledge to do my best to keep your education going. I want you to assure me, your parents, your teachers and society as a whole, through your actions, that you will do your part as well,” he said.    

But Mr. Akwasi Addae Odike further posited that the posture and conduct of President Akuffo Addo and his appointees gave most Ghanaians false impression that the disease was gone and eradicated from our midst a situation the business mogul believes made the public look down upon the safety protocols.

He recounted,” there is an evidence of a deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Mr. Carlos Ahenkora on admission but sneaked to mingle with party members and further infected them but he was never punished for the offence. The security personnel became helpless to ensuring total adherence to the protocols because the politicians were the very people violating the prescribed protocols. And the activities during the 2020 campaigns were a major cause of the recent increase of the pandemic but the President failed to acknowledge that in his address yesterday.”

He suggested to the President to as a matter of urgency lockdown the country for the second time rather than to wait for parents and guardians to spend their resources on their wards’ education before any announcement would be made to that effect. 

Source: Asante Yeboah Benedict

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