Majority Leader condemns Suame NDC Youth Organizer’s ‘kill to win power’ comment

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Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, the Member of Parliament for the Suame Constituency and the Majority Leader, referred to some inflammatory remarks made by a local executive of the opposing National Democratic Congress as terrible.

The New Patriotic Party MP claims that the youth organizer’s remarks were made as a result of the NDC leaders’ ongoing misinformation campaign.

“I believe it’s a very unfortunate comment from anyone engaged in politics. When you look at Article 55 of our Constitution, it clearly spells out the purpose of a political party. It says we have a duty to build this nation to prosper around economic, social and political ideas. Sell your policies to people in your constituency to vote for you, how does that warrant killing?

“He claims Akufo-Addo killed 8 people to gain political power. That is a very sad commentary from a person involved in politics. It is a problem with propaganda because these claims started being shared by some leaders of the NDC; claiming that Akufo-Addo killed people for power. But if we are going to look back in that regard, what happened at Atiwa during elections?… When Anita Desoso drove through a crowd injuring some people was it to win them power?” He mentioned this in an interview with Hello FM that listened to.

Speaking to a journalist on the outskirts of what seemed to be a party, the guy urged NDC members to use all means necessary to seize power, including the use of blood.

“As journalists, you were witnesses to a situation where people were shot and killed in the 2020 elections. So standing here today, I am to make sure that no NPP member can come and kill me. So we are in and I will advise every true NDC member that in the 2024 elections when it becomes necessary to kill someone to win, kill them; even if it requires that you shoot someone or club them to win us power do it,” he told a journalist with Oyerepa FM.

While there have been comparable violent episodes during an NDC administration, the Majority Leader claims that the president at the time cannot always be held responsible.

The MP stated, “Sometimes unpleasant things happen during elections, but I would not accuse Prof. Mills of being responsible for what happened in prior elections as well.”


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