New Kejetia market closed down after Wednesday’s fire outbreak

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Following a fire outbreak on Wednesday evening that destroyed millions of properties on the market’s second floor, the Kumasi City Markets Ltd has temporarily shut down the New Kejetia Market.

The New Kejetia Market of the Kumasi Metropolitan Council of the Ashanti Region has been completely destroyed by fire.

The market’s second floor has been completely destroyed by the blaze.

According to report, members of the Ghana National Fire Service were on the scene in the Ashanti Region attempting to put out the raging fire.

As firefighters fight the fire, there was so many obstacles as some traders site containers and shops at places where fire hydrants were built etc.

In a statement issued by Mr Duffour Addai  the Managing Director of the Kumasi City Markets Ltd revealed that, “In view of the fire incident that took place on Wednesday evening, management has decided that on Thursday, we are opening the place at 12 noon. This will give the Fire Service personnel the opportunity to inspect all their hydrants. You know this is an automatic system and even though one shop triggered the fire, around that one shop, a lot of the sprinklers were opened to quench the fire automatically. So they have to inspect all that which were opened”.

Read the full statement below:

Source: Gyamerah


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  1. Isn’t it a shame that management would allow traders to do whatever they want, such as placing kiosks and containers anywhere (like on hydrants) then when there is fire, reasons are given as to why the fire was difficult to put out quickly?

    For goodness sake, this is a relatively new market which should be one of a good example in terms of its facilities and the management thereof. If the report of kiosks and containers over hydrants is true, management personnel in charge of that should be ‘put out’ just as the fire was.

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