NPP Youth Organizer urges youth to venture into farming

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Mr. Samuel Osei Sarkodie, the New Patriotic Party’s(NPP) Youth Organizer in the Eastern Region’s New Juaben North seat, has committed to implement a new policy framework to direct the implementation of interventions targeted toward the area’s agricultural prosperity.

According to Samuel Osei Sarkodie, the “Youth in Agriculture” strategy will provide a strategic push to harness the value of the constituency’s young population and create possibilities for young people in New Juaben North.

According to him, this is consistent with the NPP government’s goal of tackling the unique difficulties experienced by young people in agriculture so that many of them can find employment possibilities in the lucrative field.

On Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at Akwadum in the New Juaben North, the NPP Constituency Youth Organizer revealed the information in an exclusive interview with journalist Kaakyire Kwasi Afari of Afeema FM.

Because agriculture is the largest industry in the nation and depends on young people for assistance, Sarkodie advised young people to enter the field.

He lamented the lack of interest in farming among most young people in Ghana, despite the fact that it can lead to financial independence.

He added that policies must be put in place to make agriculture more attractive to the teeming unemployed youth because, in his opinion, young people typically showed no interest in farming because they believed the endeavor to be unprofitable.

Many people, particularly the young people in the area and the country, he claimed, do not understand the importance of farming as a source of income, believing that it is a difficult labor that hardly ever produces a profit, which is untrue.

He reissued his challenge to the youth in Akwadum, Suhyen, Mpaem, and Jumapo to always seek his assistance when needed and to have partners. He also added that the youth should try to come up with solutions on their own because he is willing to support them in overcoming obstacles like a lack of land and funding.

Mr. Samuel Osei Sarkodie pushed the population to view farming as a business capable of reducing poverty by describing the industry as profitable.

The NPP youth organizer also lamented the number of young people complaining about a lack of money for little investments, attributing it to a lack of adopting a saving culture.

He urged young people to carefully consider saving, noting that doing so would allow them to start small enterprises and reduce the high unemployment rates in New Juaben North and the rest of the nation.

Source: Kwasi Afari

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