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Sista Afia apologizes for body shaming lyrics

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Two weeks after releasing her ‘diss’ track, ‘you got nerves’ which was targeted at female rappers; Eno Barony and Freda Rhymz, singer Sister Afia has apologized for some comments interpreted as body shaming by her rivals and some social media commentators.

According to Sista Afia, she didn’t realize those words would cause such a huge problem to some women who listen to her songs and for that she feels sorry.

“Honestly, I didn’t think those comments would be a huge problem so I want to apologize to every plus-size woman who felt offended by my words…I want to apologize to every female out there who feels offended by the comments,” she told Zionfelix on Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

In the song premiered on May 5, 2020, Sister Afia sang in Twi, “I dey do better kyɛn saa rapper a w’ahyehyɛ sɛ beef burger no/Court rise, judge ni/Obi nkyerɛ Yokozuna sɛ ongyae gyimi/Na sɛ body na yɛde rappi a anka wo di bim.”

When asked if she will apologize to the subject of her song; Eno Barony, Sista Afia said, “I’m not apologizing to Eno Barony but to everyone else who feels offended,” adding, “If she apologizes, I will also apologize and we’ll have a peace concert.”

She explained that though the beef started on a dramatic note after she took to social media to cry, she has had fun with all that is going.

“Even when I started the life I was talking about me, I was talking about the stress, I was talking about the hard work that goes in and I’ll be honest, I felt a bit down because people were saying someone wrote the song for me and I was like really? So right now all of a sudden I am an illiterate, like after all of a sudden all the songs I’ve written and we all dance to it, I am an illiterate and I can’t write my own songs so it was just pain and emotions, and I’m an emotional person. I’m even happy when people say I’m an emotional person because that’s who I am. I’m not a rapper. I don’t have to come and be hardcore because that’s not my field. Everybody knows rapping is not my field, I just did it for fun.”

“I’m having so much fun with this, and I’m sure the others are having fun as well. Who doesn’t like attention? Right now there is corona and everyone is home so if they are getting attention and views and likes, everyone likes it so I’m just having fun.”

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