Sophia Akuffo joins bondholders to picket at Finance Ministry

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In order to demand that their investments be spared from the government’s Domestic Debt Exchange scheme, pensioner bondholders continued their picketing outside the Ministry of Finance on Friday.

On the fifth day of their demonstration, Sophia Akuffo, a former chief justice, joined them and carried a placard.

Members of the Pensioner Bondholders Forum are picketing outside the Finance Ministry for the seventh time in a row to demand that their assets be completely excluded from the Domestic Debt Exchange scheme.

About 50 pensioners say they won’t accept any haircuts on their assets since they depend on the income from these investments for their lives, despite the government’s proposal for a 15% coupon rate.

Today, February 10, 2023, is the last day of the government’s extra time for bondholders to finish the tender procedures associated with the contentious Domestic Debt Exchange Programme (DDEP).

The deadline was extended from February 7 to provide bondholders who encountered technical difficulties more time to complete the online procedures for tendering their bonds.

Following the opening of a three-day administrative window, the Ministry of Finance claims it is getting the necessary response from various parties and people.


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