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Bagbin declares NPP caucus, Fomena MP Majority in Parliament

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Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagin has declared the New Patriotic Party caucus as the Majority in parliament following the declarition by the Independent Fomena MP to do business with them.

“What we have now, you have the New Patriotic Party wing or caucus in Parliament together with the independent Member of Parliament from Fomena, and they now constitute the Majority group,” the Speaker said in the House Friday.

The ruling by the Speaker puts to rest the heated impasse over who constitute the Majority in the House as both party’s – NDC and NPP – have 137 members each in the House.

New Patriotic Party Members of Parliament on Friday went to Parliament at 4am to occupy the majority side of the House to avoid a showdown with NDC MPs.

The NPP MPs were outwitted on January 6th during the election of the Speaker of Parliament when NDC MPs went into Parliament at dawn and occupied the majority side of the House.

Pictures from the House showed NPP MPs who were taking a nap as they waited for the Speaker of the House and MPs from the NDC side.

Meanwhile, leader of the NDC caucus in Parliament Haruna Iddrisu says his side has no difficulties sitting on the Minority side of the chamber.

According to him, the caucus is confident that when the courts decide on the various challenges against some parliamentary seats, they will form the majority without controversies.

“The Ghanaian people want Parliament to work for them and in their favour. In the interest of the Ghanaian people, our side has no difficulties sitting on the left,” Mr Iddrisu told the media Thursday.

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