Statistical Service reports that 80% of public sector employees make less than GHC3,000 per month

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More than 80% of public sector employees, according to the Ghana Statistical Service, make less than 3,000 Ghana cedis each month.

The top 10% earners in the public sector make up 22% of all wages received by the government, despite the fact that the sector’s highest income is 33,000ghc.

The agency also states that the average annual wage for employees in the public sector is 2,594.

Professor Samuel Kobina Annim, a government statistician, disclosed this information at the publication of the Earnings Inequality in the Public Sector 2022 study.

“80% of the public sector workers earn less than 3,000ghc. If you take every 5 employees, 4 out of them are earning less than 3000ghc. On the other hand, if you have the disparities, if your take home is on a minimum of Ghc418 relative to a maximum of 33,000ghc.

Consider the following rate: minimum 418ghc, highest 33,000ghc, and since 80% of people make less than 3,000ghc, you obtain an average value of 2,594ghc.

Despite the debate about pay in politics, Prof. Annim said, “the first basic thing we do is put all of us in the public sector in groups of 10 and order them according to our earnings.

Three things are definite, he said, adding that the top 30% of earners in the public sector make more than exactly 32% of the overall compensation.

If you take the first 50% at the bottom, they make around a third of what people in the public sector make overall.

The poorest 20% of earners, if you include them, make around 11% of the overall income.


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