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UG lecturers will be sanctioned over PUB presser – UTAG

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The National Executive Committee of UTAG has distanced itself from the press conference organised by the University of Ghana chapter of UTAG.

The National Secretary of UTAG, Eric K. K. Abavare said the chapter will be sanctioned for holding a press conference without the knowledge of NEC.

“We all agree that the Public Universities Bill is not the one we want therefore as a body we are taking steps in engaging the government. The University of Ghana seems to be going contrary to what the NEC decided. They will be sanctioned for that and that will be decided by the NEC.”

According to the umbrella union of the university lecturers, the leadership of the Legon branch of UTAG has been part of all deliberations over the bill and the reviews that have been made to the bill hence finds it difficult to understand the posture of their colleagues.

“It’s important that we understand as per our press statement that UG has been part of all engagement so the point where UG alone decides to act on their own and position themselves as if they are the only group in this business seeks to break our front.

“So, for them to have gone this time, I think the message is clear, NEC will take a decision and the necessary sanctions would have to be applied. Not long ago, UG themselves did a similar thing and we wanted to apply sanctions, they wrote to apologize and we admitted their apology” the National Secretary of UTAG, Dr Eric K. K. Abavare 

He said sanctions could include the exclusion of Legon UTAG members from leadership of the association and also barring them from attending meetings.

UTAG and its members at the University of Ghana have in recent times clashed over the Public Universities Bill.

While the legon lecturers demand the complete withdrawal of the bill, the umbrella body appears to be pushing for an amendment to some of the proposals.

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