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We won’t suspend #FixTheCountry demo – Campaigners to police

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The campaigners of the #FixTheCountry movement have indicated that the group will not back down on its intended march.

The group made clear its intentions to hit the streets on 9 May 2021 to protest against myriad national problems.

The police denied them permission to carry out their plans and additionally, secured a restraining order from the court to stop the determined group.

The campaigners, however, in a letter addressed to the Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Accra Regional Police Command, E. A. Sakyi, indicated: “We acknowledge receipt of your letter purporting to refuse our request to embark on a march and asking us to suspend the event as a result of restrictions imposed by the Imposition of Restrictions (Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19) Pandemic)”.

According to the letter, the Executive Instrument the Police cited to support their action – (No. 16) Instrument, 2020 (E.I. 395) – “is no longer in force”.

“We have examined the above-mentioned Executive Instrument closely and have formed the view that the Instrument which was adopted under the hand of the President in December 2020 is no longer in force,” the letter further stated.

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— Fixthecountry (@Ghfixthecountry) May 6, 2021

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