Woman shot dead over burial rituals

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The Koforidua District Court, which Her Honor Nana Ama Dabbah Fynn Esquire sat over Felix Teye, a farmer, has been placed under arrest after being accused of fatally shooting Kwesi Gladys, 27, following an argument over burial customs.

According to the prosecuting officer, Sargent George Defia, the complainant in the case, Ayertey Albert, 30, is a farmer who lives with his wife in Atua, a Somanya neighborhood.

Suspect Felix Teye lost one of his daughters about three months ago, and Kwasi Tia, the deceased’s father, took the body to Konkoney from Korhwere village while carrying the corpse on his back.

Felix Teye was supposed to follow through on a deal to give Kwasi Tia a white fowl and a bottle of locally made gin (Akpeteshie) so he could perform rituals to atone for carrying the corpse and burying it, but he didn’t.

When the ceremonies were not completed for him, Kwasi Tia grew enraged and adamantly complained to the complainant, his wife, and two children, Kwasi Naomi and Kwasi Gladys.

The complainant took Kwasi Tia and his two children to the suspect’s home on July 24, 2022, about 7:00am, to arrange for the rites to be done for him. However, they encountered Esther Dede Tetteh, the suspect’s wife, who informed them that the suspect was not at home.

They chose to hold off until the suspect came back, though.

When they went to sit down, one of Kwasi Tia’s kids, Kwasi Naomi, chose a bench from the house’s yard. Suddenly, though, the suspect’s wife aggressively yanked the bench away from her, which sparked a fight.

The suspect’s wife attempted to strike Kwasi Naomi with a pestle that she had taken from her room, but Kwasi Gladys, who is now deceased, disarmed and stopped her.

A heated conflict ensued as the wife re-entered the room and brought out another stick to attack Kwasi Gladys.

The complainant tried to separate them, but the suspect allegedly shot Kwasi Gladys from a bush nearby, some 30 meters from his house. The suspect then allegedly tried to flee, but the complainant pursued him and apprehended him, recovering a single barrel revolver and five live rounds from him.

After being taken seriously ill and being airlifted to the Asesewa Government Hospital, Kwasi Gladys was subsequently declared dead by physician assistant Kingsley Akorli.

The display was used by the Asesewa Police to detain the suspect.

He was prosecuted and presented for a committal trial before the Koforidua District Court following an inquiry.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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