After ten days, CETAG cancels the mass annual leave

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The Colleges of Education Teachers Association of Ghana has issued instructions to its members around the nation to finish their yearly leave and return to the classroom.

On September 1, 2022, after working a year without a break, all teachers at the 46 campuses around the nation began their yearly leave.

The choice was made in response to a request from their union officials.

The Principals of Colleges of Education (PRINCOF) have referred to the choice as a ruse strike.

According to Prince Obeng-Himah, the National President of CETAG, the decision was made as a result of a meeting with PRINCOF and its determination to pay the tutors for the remaining leave days.

“We have asked our members to resume work and bring the end of the leave tomorrow. So we will start teaching from Monday. PRINCOF has been forthcoming now unlike when they were claiming that our demands are illegitimate. There will be some compensation for the days we have forfeited. That is the agreement.”

According to CETAG, the new academic calendar, which mandates that teachers labor a whole year without a break, has compelled them to make this choice.

On October 10, the 28-day yearly leave was supposed to end.


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