ANIDA Women’s Development Center assists both men and women in developing their talents

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Through its educational sponsorship empowerment program, the Women’s Development Centre (WDC), a project of the All Nations International Development Agency (ANIDA), has rescued 35 women and men.

The graduates focused on marketing, computer literacy, reading, writing, English language speaking, hairdressing, and other subjects during their university training.

The ANIDA Women’s Development Center was founded in 2004 with the goal of giving women in Ghana access to education and empowering them to manage their own companies and bring about good change in their own lives, families, and communities.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony on Thursday, 17, at All Nations University City Campus in Koforidua, co-founder and ANIDA board member Rev. Mrs. Rose Donkor said that since the organization’s founding, women have been given the tools they need to make significant contributions to the development of their country.

Commenting on the theme for this year’s 14th Graduation ceremony “Importance Of Women’s Education In Today’s  World” Mrs Rose Donkor said the theme for the occasion was well chosen because she questioned that “without women what will the society be” emphasizing that Women are equiped, hardworking, relentless couples with positive societal qualities.

Rev. Dr. Rose Donkor told Kaakyire Kwasi Afari of Afeema FM that the 2 year’s intensive training will make the graduands unique among their fellow men and women, this is because they had been offered the requisite support to turn things around in their localities.

She charged the graduands to motivate teenagers who would notice them as a role model in their various communities.

The co-founder advised that “this is the beginning of your journey. The certificate given to you is not to sit on your shelves or to decorate the walls but this is the time for you to apply what you’ve learnt” she added.

Dr. Rose Donkor urged them to never stop learning, emphasizing that there was always something new to learn, and to establish high objectives for themselves while maintaining the perspective that they were doable.

For his part, Mr. Samuel Donkor Junior, Executive Director for ANIDA Women’s Development Center, revealed to Kaakyire Kwasi Afari in a side-by-side interview that ANIDA is expanding its programs to various regions of the world and that its goal is to enable women to become financially independent.

According to him, the ANIDA Women’s Development Center is hoping for substantial recognition on a global scale and will offer financial help to qualified graduates who want to pursue higher study.

The chief superintendent of police (CSP) Mariam Adu Osei, Kwahu Nkwatia Divisional Police Commander, appeals to Ghanaians to close the wide gender gap, especially against women, because, in her opinion, women in the nation suffer from having fewer representation in the government and other areas of public and service life.

Mariam Adu Osei, who spoke as a guest speaker at the graduation ceremony, urges Ghanaians to make a commitment to empowering women by providing the necessary assistance for capacity building, training, and committed gender equality frameworks.

The police chief highlighted that “when educated women build a career as witnessing today, it adds to the socio-economic growth by making them financially independent to be in a better position to take good care of their families resulting in decreasing the cases of poverty levels within the country”.

She emphasizes the need of the government and other relevant parties supporting women in leadership roles.

A project beneficiary named Fulera Abdul Karim praised All Nations University for their unwavering support of the employment fair through the ANIDA Women’s Development Center.

She pledged to put her expertise to use but added that no one could expect the world to support their pursuit of their aspirations.

Source: Kaakyire Kwasi Afari


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