AshantiGold’s injunction against GFA rejected by High court

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The injunction request made by AshantiGold SC against the Ghana Football Association was denied by the Accra High Court (GFA).

According to the court, AshantiGold SC did not satisfy two of the three legal prerequisites for the granting of such an injunction, particularly with regard to the balance of convenience.
The court fined AshantiGold SC GHC 20,000 in costs.

Following their displeasure with the GFA Disciplinary Committee’s decision to demote the club to Division 2 after they were found guilty of match tampering at the conclusion of the 2020–21 season, AshantiGold SC filed a lawsuit.

The GFA then suspended the club for continuing to work with its detained officials.
Following AshantiGold’s legal action, the GFA suspended the league on September 29, 2022.
After a four-week forced sabbatical, the Premier League will resume this weekend, according to the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

This comes after the Accra Human Rights Court on Tuesday afternoon dismissed AshantiGold’s injunction against the Ghana Premier League.

According to a statement on the GFA website,
“Following the dismissal of the Application for injunction by AshantiGold SC against the Ghana Football Association, the Executive Council of the Association has decided that the betPawa Premier League should resume this weekend,” the GFA wrote on their website.

“The Executive Council in their meeting after the court decision were of the view that the betPawa Premier League resumes immediately to avert further loss to stakeholders.”

“The GFA has further engaged the betPawa Premier League clubs for the resumption of the season.”
This weekend, the fourth matchday of the Ghana Premier League will begin at the various venues.


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