Boot for boot and do-or-die comments was meant for Ashanti region – John Mahama

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Former President John Dramani Mahama has emphasized the importance of the Ashanti region to the party’s success to delegates in the Nhyiaeso constituency.

He asserts that despite the party’s normal denial that it is their region, past elections have demonstrated their ability to win more votes than two regions can.

“We are sometimes complacent in the Ashanti region because we believe it is not our stronghold. However, the numbers we get in the region exceed the sum of two or three regions. If we win an election as a party, the Ashanti region will be critical,” Mahama stated.

“As a result, we plan to put in a lot of effort in this year’s election. When I said boot for boot and made the do-or-die comments, I was referring to the Ashanti region.”

He claims that the NDC does not intend to defraud anyone and does not anticipate anyone defrauding us.

He continued, “My remarks about the boot for boot meant that we will not accept any kind of election manipulation or wrongdoing.


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