“Both governments keep borrowing, and we are now in a deep financial crisis” – Catholic Bishops President

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“Both governments keep borrowing, and we are now in a deep financial crisis. Why are we in this economic and financial quagmire? The massive uncontrolled corruption is suffocating the nation. It appears corruption is legalized. What should Ghanaians do since the existing form of democracy help only a few and leaves the majority behind? What about the impunity and arrogance of some politicians and their defence of corruption?” Catholic Bishops President stated.

Rev. Matthew Kwasi Gyamfi, the president of the Ghana Catholic Bishop’s Conference, is not confident about Ghana’s economy as it stands right now.

He claimed that although Ghana has abundant natural resources and produces oil, the nation’s unstable economy is nothing to write home about.

“There have been no significant positive changes in the economy since we became an oil-producing country. What happened to the gold and other mineral resources? Why are most of our roads in such a deplorable state? Why do we keep going to the IMF? Why do we keep borrowing so much when we are a rich nation?”

He made fun of the rate of decline in the nation and the rise in corruption under the previous administrations.

On Monday, November 13, 2023, at the opening ceremony of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference plenary assembly held at the Sunyani Diocese, Rev. Matthew Kwasi Gyamfi delivered the following words.

Politicians, according to him, need to be awakened by the political shifts throughout the continent to make peaceful, democratic amendments to “our constitution and legal systems, in a manner that makes the government work for the good of all the people of Ghana.”

Read the full keynote address below:

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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