Conflicts in Bawku: Banks close down

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Due to resurgent intercommunal violence, certain financial institutions, notably the Agric Development Bank (ADB) and Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG), have shut down their branches and ATMs in the Bawku municipality of the Upper East Region.

The banks took this precaution to guard against the possibility that stray gunfire from the municipality’s sporadic ethnic strife may kill its employees and customers.

Some locals are now highly reliant on mobile banking services like MoMo as a result of the circumstance, while the most vulnerable, including retirees and those without access to such services, are left to their destiny.

Some of the locals who talked with the media said that despite the presence of security forces, living in the region has been challenging and depressing at the same time because their existence is no longer assured.

The Bawku Municipal Assembly employee remarked that “In contrast to the Bawku I grew up knowing, the city is now like a ghost town.

Nowadays, many are afraid to leave their houses or rooms for fear of being shot by a stray bullet.”

She emphasized that because it is impossible to predict if one would live the following day, the Due to key institutions departing, the situation is catastrophic.

All of these are taking place as a result of how easily one might be struck by a flying bullet, he claimed.

She continued by saying: “From Bolgatanga and other regions are no longer going to Bawku to buy items or travel through to get things from Togo.” This further demonstrated that buying and selling were no longer as effective as they once were.

At the Presbyterian Nursing Training College, several nurses and nursing students are having trouble functioning as well and are looking for transfers.


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