Ebony was murdered before the accident because there was no blood on her outfit – Father claims

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“I believe Ohemaa was murdered before the accident because there was no blood on her outfit, I will always say this. She has serious deep cuts on her face and upper body yet there was no sign of blood,” her father Starboy Kwarteng claim.

The late dancehall star Ebony Reigns’ father, Starboy Kwarteng, has released certain details of her unpublished death reports.

The angry father claimed that the investigation had confirmed his long-held belief that his daughter’s death was caused by an unnatural force.

Mr. Kwarteng disclosed that the motorist responsible for the horrific accident that killed his daughter and her two friends has finally been apprehended in an interview with Kingdom FM monitored by Ghanatodayonline.com.

He continued by saying that according to the information he received, the court decided not to hold him accountable for the killings since there was no proof of his direct participation.

He was, however, also charged at the time with reckless driving and driving without a license.

The investigation, according to Mr. Kwarteng, revealed that “the driver made no mistakes, he was just fortunate to survive the incident.”

He claimed that this goes against prior investigations, which had told him that the accident was not the result of any foul play.

“They had the guts to inform me the driver has been arrested but I am not privy to any other information on her death. When they started the investigations, they said the driver made no mistake but now they are telling me he had no license; didn’t they check that to conclude. When an accident happens, first thing police check is if the driver is qualified to drive,” he exuded.

Despite the police’s assertion that everything appears to be natural, Mr. Kwarteng is sure that Ebony’s death was carefully planned, “based on investigations and what I was informed.”

The resentful father delivered a bombshell when he said that his daughter’s scars were not compatible with those from an accident, especially considering how many times the automobile somersaulted.

Mr. Kwarteng is requesting final reports and findings from the relevant authorities in an effort to provide some closure over the loss of his daughter.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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