Ghana demands experience, not experiment Ghana does not need a try-me-too leader – Mahama

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Former President John Dramani Mahama has fervently pleaded with Ghanaians to elect the NDC to power in the 2024 presidential elections in order to reinstate him as their leader.

Mahama declared that he would run for president of Ghana again because he is the person the nation needs to lead it at this time while speaking on Thursday at the beginning of his campaign to be the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He continued by saying that he is the stable hand Ghana needs to emerge from its present economic difficulties and that, along with the populace, he will create the Ghana that every Ghanaian desires.

“For the 2024 election which I consider to be the most important and defining poll of our time, I have not taken this step lightly. It has been a product of months of prayer, broad consultation and sober reflection. I have searched my soul and paid close attention to your voices and to your daily struggles, and to our present national predicament.

“At this stage, Ghana demands experience, not experiments… Ghana does not need a try-me-too leader. Ghana demands togetherness and not divisiveness. Now is the time for bravery of heart and clarity of purpose.

“I’m ready and able to be the kind of president that Ghanaians are looking for. I’m not the kind of leader that derives pleasure or smiles at my country’s failings, even the failings of my political opponents. As far as I’m concerned, there is no vindication to be derived from the suffering of the Ghanaian people.

“I’m offering myself for public office at this time because I appreciate the enormity of the task ahead owing to the level of damage this government has done to our country. And I also know that such a mountainous task requires a steady, unifying, and experienced hand to build the “Ghana we want together”.

“As I’ve already stated, now is not the moment for experimenting. At this juncture, Ghana doesn’t need a try-me-too leader, said Mahama.

He asserted that the current government was not only illiterate but also careless, had made mistakes, and had subsequently attempted to disavow responsibility for the harm it had done.

“This administration has been illiterate and callous in many respects.

At the Cedi Hall, Mr. Mahama addressed the cheering crowd and said, “We are burdened with debt, we have been demoted by every rating agency, and inflation has gone off the charts, driving people into abject poverty.

Additionally, he berated the government’s internal reorganization program, which he said might devastate the wealth that the middle class had accumulated.

“Our middle class also risks being wiped out due to a reckless debt restructuring programme. Who would have thought Ghana would have come to a juncture like this when our economy has been destroyed by the incompetent Akufo-Addo and his vice Bawumia?”

Mr. Mahama went on to criticize the government’s “arrogance,” which he said had contributed to the nation’s fiscal disaster by keeping it too proud to accept accountability for its mistakes.


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