Ghanaians are lucky to have me as President-Nana Akufo-Addo

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Despite the current economic difficulties, President Akufo-Addo claims that the nation is fortunate to have him as President.

He asserts that his administration is the best thing that have ever happened to Ghanaians, despite the fact that there are currently challenges.

During his recently concluded tour of the Upper West and Savannah regions, the President delivered these statements.

He said, “You are lucky to have me as the President of Ghana.

He also criticized the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for failing to lead development in the region while speaking to a group of chiefs and residents in the Yapei-Kusawgu District.

In his contributions, he bemoaned the opposition NDC’s lack of community-focused initiatives despite having long served as their representative in Parliament.

He then promised that his government will be committed to addressing the long list of issues that the local chiefs had brought to his notice.

“What this tells me is that the 8 elections conducted in Ghana since 1992 have always gone to the National Democratic Congress and yet when I come here, I hear all of these demands.

The young man who for a long time was Deputy Minister of power, 17 communities in his district still have not been connected to electricity grid”, he stated.

But Yagbonwura, you are fortunate to have me as the President of Ghana, Akufo-Addo continued.

I’ll handle it for you.

His remarks are in addition to the numerous guarantees provided by the government in the aftermath of the catastrophic economic situation.

Ghana is currently experiencing extreme economic hardship, and the nation’s economic statistics are deteriorating daily.

The Ghana Cedi, the local currency, is currently steadily losing value against the US dollar while fuel prices and other living expenses continue to rise.

However, the administration insists that it is making a concerted effort to address these problems in order to stabilize the economy.


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