Ghanaians in London demonstrate against their nation’s bad governance at the high commission

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On Friday, September 29, Ghanaians from all over the United Kingdom gathered outside the Ghana High Commission in London to express their worries about the state of governance and the economic crisis. Tensions were high.

A little over 100 impassioned people gathered outside the diplomatic building to share their opinions, each carrying a sign with a different message.

These protesters were unwavering in their conviction that the Akufo-Addo administration had failed to adequately address the nation’s most pressing problems.

The protesters yelled phrases demanding reform and holding their leaders accountable.

Another group of Ghanaians, who appeared to be in support of the administration, came amid the orderly protest. They created a contentious stalemate between proponents of change and defenders of the status quo.

The pro-government group charged the protesters with mischief and implied that they were trying to harm the government’s reputation.


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