Ghana’s Anti-LGBT bill will hurt international reputation -US Ambassador

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The US Embassy in Ghana has issued a warning that the passing of an anti-LGBTQ+ law by the Ghanaian Parliament will cause a stir of dismay, especially among those who highlight the measure’s possible effects on human rights and wider social ramifications.

The US Ambassador to Ghana, Virginia Palmer, expressed grave worry and expressed sadness at the bill’s passing.

She emphasized it effect on the rights of members within the LGBTQ+ community in a post on February 29, 2024, on X.

She claims that the measure violates the fundamental human rights of all Ghanaians as well as some of the most intelligent, talented, and kind LGBT individuals she knows.

She also believes that it is a threat to press, assembly, and speech freedoms.

She said that the bill may harm Ghana’s economy and damage the country’s reputation abroad.

Her remarks on X coincide with the passage of an anti-LGBTQI+ law by Ghana’s legislature on February 28, 2024, which makes it illegal to support, advocate for, or promote LGBTQI+ causes.

The measure stipulates that those who engage in these kinds of activities might serve terms ranging from six months to three years in prison, while promoters and sponsors might get sentences of three to five years.

“I am saddened because some of the smartest, most creative, most decent people I know are LGBT. The bill Parliament passed takes away not only their basic human rights but those of all Ghanaians because it undermines their constitutional rights to freedom of speech, freedo”

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