Government appreciates the support of Churches in national development – VP Bawumia

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Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the vice president, has praised churches for their major contributions to the nation’s growth in several fields.

Churches continue to be the government’s development allies, and the government appreciates their contributions over the years, which, according to Dr. Bawumia, have complemented the State’s efforts. He made these remarks on Sunday at the Centenary Anniversary Celebration of the Salvation Army Church – Ghana Territory in Accra.

One of these dependable development partners is The Salvation Army Ghana, which was established in 1922. On the occasion of their 100th anniversary, Vice President Bawumia praised them for their enormous contributions to the development of the country, particularly in the fields of education and health.

“The Salvation Army has accomplished a number of things in Ghana.

Dr. Bawumia remarked, “I am happy to acknowledge, on behalf of the Government, that the country has benefited from the work of the Army in numerous sectors.

I’ll concentrate on just two aspects of your contribution to the country. I’ll start with the education sector, where you’ve achieved significant advancements in the hope of giving Ghana a better future.

“The Church is to be commended for providing 83 crèches, 85 Primary schools, 58 Junior High Schools and 3 Senior High Schools to augment the stock of Educational Institutions in the country. This is no mean achievement, and I am told that the Church is also in the process of establishing a University and a College of Nursing and Allied Programmes.

“Through our cooperation in the education sector, schools started by the Church have been readily absorbed by the State upon request by the Church. Government has also granted the Army the permission to own the School for the Deaf at Agona Swedru, and provided school buses and supported some Salvation Army schools with infrastructure, the latest being classroom blocks provided to the Duakwa and Agona Swedru Salvation Army Basic Schools.”

The Vice President also acknowledged cooperation between the Government and Salvation Army in other areas.

“For instance, in the Health sector which is my second area of focus, the cooperation between Government and the church has ensured, among others, the seamless upgrading of Salvation Army clinics to hospitals.

“I am informed that the Salvation Army in Ghana has established 9 health centres focusing on rehabilitation and vocational services and 2 hospitals, totaling 11 registered health facilities in operation currently. A new health facility is also under construction at Amasaman.”

On attaining 100 years of existence, Dr. Bawumia urged the congregation to thank God for what He has done for the church, and also urged the nation to be grateful to God.

“This centennial anniversary celebration offers the chance to look ahead to all the blessings the Lord still reserves for you as you continue His work, as well as to look back at how far you have gone as a church community,” he added.

In addition, despite the recent global crisis, the vice president urged the nation to keep its gratitude for God’s blessings on the country.

He also acknowledged the problems these challenges are causing the nation, but he added that the government is resolutely trying to improve conditions for Ghanaians, as evidenced by its track record of effective policies and actions.


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