Government is insensitive to our plight -School Feeding Caterers

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The governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration has been criticized by the school feeding program’s caterers as being callous and insensitive for ignoring their concerns.

The government had been urged by the caterers to pay off their unpaid debts and raise the amount per child.

The government’s offer, according to Lariba Zuweira Abudu, the minister of gender, children, and social protection, is insufficient and unacceptable to the caterers, who have stopped offering their services since the reopening of schools.

Before ending their walkout, the irate caterers seek payment of GH $3.50 per child.

The spokesperson for the caterers in the Ashanti Region, Dorothy Ofori Sarpong, slammed the government for failing to respond to their demands in an interview with Captain Koda on Otec FM monitored by .

“No one in the national headquarters or the presidency will claim they are unaware of what is happening. They know us because we are their spouses, sisters, and daughters, as well as their husbands. Nobody has even gone to the trouble of asking why we have been shouting for so long.

“They prefer to insult us that we are defaming them, but they don’t care about what we are going through, which is why I say that they [the government] are heartless; people are dying, and they care not.” We’ve been everywhere, and everyone knows something about our case,” stated Madam Dorothy Ofori Sarpong.

The caterers in the Ashanti Region responded when asked if their public outburst would not have an impact on the party’s prospects in the general elections of 2024: “Unless they supply anything we are requesting, then we can gain momentum and campaign for them as a listening government.

They ought to pay attention to our cries and grant our requests. All of us will fall asleep if they reject. We won’t act in such a way once more to give them the opportunity to rule over us till they pay us our money.


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