Government is owing teachers Ghc 400m – CCT claims

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The Ghana Education Service (GES) Occupational Pension Scheme(Tier 2) has been requested by the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT).

By the end of February 2023, the Coalition expects the government to make its payments.

Although the government deducts the payments from members’ income on a monthly basis, the Coalition claims that because no payment has been made since March 2022, the arrears owing to the Coalition have grown to nearly GHS400 million.

King Ali Awudu, the national president of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers, who spoke on behalf of the other three teacher unions, said that by withholding the contributions, the government is defrauding the teachers.

“The money is not for the government, it’s 5 per cent taken from our salaries and the government has failed to pay the money to the Ghana Education Service Occupational Pension Scheme for the money to be invested to yield returns,” Mr Awudu stated.

If the government doesn’t pay the arrears, he said, members would cease making contributions to the National Pensions Regulatory Authority.

“What we’re arguing is that the government is being dishonest, and that this is disrespectful to our retirement benefits.

The entire sum involved is about GH433 million, and Mr. Awudu emphasized that if the money is not paid by the end of February 2023, the 5% payment to the National Pensions Regulatory Authority will cease.


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