Government pledges to swiftly pay up all five outstanding coupons on pensioner bonds

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The Government has pledged to quickly pay up all five outstanding coupons owed to holders of pensioner bonds through the Ministry of Finance.

Additionally, the government has pledged to settle all unpaid principal in two weeks.

The choices were made during a meeting on Friday between Ministry of Finance representatives and the Forum of Pensioner Bondholders’ leadership.

The parties have set up a second meeting with the Forum’s whole membership in an effort to persuade them to withdraw their demand for interest to be paid on all accrued principal between February and May 2023.

The meeting is anticipated to take place on June 8, 2023, at 9am.

The government must pay interest on all principal it has held over for the last four months, according to the Forum’s members.

Four bondholders’ principals that matured between February and May were not paid by the government. According to their leaders, the principals serve as investment capital, thus the only thing the government can do is pay interest for the days that the money have been kept.


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