GPRTU to increase transport fares again as fuel prices surge

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The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has hinted at a potential increase in transportation costs as a result of the country’s rising cost of gasoline and replacement components.

The GPRTU claims that since the cost of replacement parts and lubricants has not decreased, an increase in transportation costs is necessary.

Abbas Ibrahim Moro, the senior industrial relations officer of the GPRTU, said in a statement to Newsmen that they keep an eye on market trends before making announcements.

“Currently spare parts have not been reduced, they have been increased. Some items we use in running transport have never been reduced, it has increased. We will compare some of the items that we have identified. Then with the new increased prices we can talk on any increment and any percentage that we want to ride on.

“Spare parts dealers came out and said they’ve reduced their prices and we challenged them of which they’ve not been able to publish what has been reduced. We have even identified some of the items like tyres, its prices have gone up. When we even said they haven’t reduced it, now it has gone up again,” Mr Moro gave an explanation.

We don’t need to discuss anything right now, he continued.

Let’s wait till tomorrow to find out as it was predicted to arrive but hasn’t. A new gasoline price will be introduced. We will do study into some of these issues and determine the precise proportion we must calculate. No one wants to trade at a loss, so let the prices come.

After reaching an agreement with stakeholders, the GPRTU and the National Road Transport Coordinating Council reported an 18.3% reduction in transportation costs on December 19, 2022.


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