Human Rights lawyer dressed in native doctor’s attire to Supreme Court

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Chief Malcom Omoirhobo , Lagos-primarily based totally human rights attorney, precipitated a stir withinside the courtroom docket on Thursday while he regarded withinside the complete traditional apparel of an “Olokun priest” to attend courtroom docket proceedings.

The attorney stated he dressed to courtroom docket in that way to exercising his essential human rights following the judgment of the Supreme Court that allowed all Nigerians to specific their manner of worship and the usage of hijab in schools and public places.

The legal professional, who arrived on the courtroom docket at approximately 9:05 am, created a scene withinside the court docket while different legal professionals who have been seated had been taken through wonder to look him robed in traditional apparel to seem like an herbalist.

According to reports, while the Learned Lawyer walked into the Supreme Court, the Justices who had been on seat appeared up in shock, checked out themselves and with out a word, went on recess. The attorney who received access into the court barefooted with feathers connected to his wig. He was additionally carrying a gourd on his necklace with cowries and a red wrapper tied round his waist.

The state of affairs attracted a huge crowd who thronged the courtroom to seize a glimpse as human beings had been visible the usage of their cell phones to take his pictures.

Malcom who addressed reporters stated, “I am very thankful to the Supreme Court simply last week Friday they made a totally resounding decision that promotes Section 38 of the constitution. That is our right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion. That we’re free to specific our manner of worship in our schools and in our courts. That decision was reached on Friday and that has recommended me. “Because I am a traditionalist and this is the way I worship. Based on the decision of the Supreme Court this is how I will be dressing henceforth in court due to the fact I am a strong adherent to “Olokun” the god of rivers.”

Malcom stated the implication of the judgement become that each Nigerian, which includes doctors, police, army students, and reporters, can now put on their mode of worship in public places. He introduced that he was now no longer in opposition to the judgement instead he became satisfied with the decision as it reinforced and enriched the rights of all Nigerians as stipulated withinside the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.


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