If Mahama wants to be President of Ghana again he should refrain from insulting citizens – Nana Akomea

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A former New Patriotic Party (NPP) communications director has stated that he is not pleased with the “insults” that former president John Dramani Mahama gave at him after he requested that Mahama give up his ex-gratia as a demonstration of good faith.

Nana Akomea claimed that the former president also disparaged other people who had made the same call in a statement that was forwarded to Ghanatodayonline.com.

Mahama should cease ‘insulting’ those who disagree with him, he continued, if he wants to run for president again.

“Even if President Mahama disagrees with me, I am sad that he chose to lace his disagreement with insults to my person, by implying politics had caused me to lose my “fine mind”.

“The last time other citizens commented on these same sentiments of President Mahama, he met them with similar insults, calling them “silly.”

“I urge President Mahama, that if he wants to be President of Ghana again, he should refrain from insulting citizens. I assure him I am still his friend and I still have a fine mind,” the statement added.

After urging Nana Akomea to refuse monthly ex-gratia if he is sincere with recent promises to abolish ex-gratia when elected president, former president John Dramani Mahama reprimanded him.

Former politician and current managing director of Intercity STC Nana Akomea challenged Mahama to quit receiving monthly ex-gratia last week on live radio.

However, Mahama bemoaned what he called the “politics” in the viewpoints that Akomea was promoting in a social media post. The former president introduced Akomea as “my friend” and went on to call his former colleague in parliament “a fine mind.”

The 2024 candidate for the National Democratic Congress made it clear that he does not receive ex-gratia as Akomea had alleged, but rather a monthly pension as a former president.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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