‘If you don’t engage in politics, politics will engage you ‘-Speaker Bagbin

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According to the Rt. Honourable Speaker of Parliament, Alban S.K. Bagbin, democracy has advanced from a representational version to an inclusive system.

As a result, dispassionate and detached individuals who pick now no longer to have interaction and contribute to democratic governance chance being marginalized, due to the fact politics stays on the center of all affairs.

Speaking at the country of Ghana’s modern-day hung parliament, Mr. Speaker said, “If you pick to take a seat down at the fence and determine that politics isn’t always for you, I can guarantee you that those who choose to toe the line of politics will put into effect regulations on the way to without delay and indirectly have an effect on your manner of life.”

According to Speaker Bagbin, whoever chooses to be the piper chooses the track to be played. He was addressing a delegation from the Tanzanian parliament who had visited Ghana to have a look at the welfare and conditions of service of Ghanaian Members of Parliament, in addition to discover new approaches to enhance parliamentary business in Tanzania.

Hon. Ombeni Sefue (Ambassador), the delegation’s leader, expressed gratitude to Ghana’s Parliament for the activate reaction in extending a welcoming hand to their delegation and commended Mr. Speaker for his untiring and altruistic provider to Ghana’s Legislature and, by extension, the state of Ghana.

Hon. Ombeni Sefue requested in his address how individuals of Ghana’s parliament had been evaluated and measured based on their overall performance of capabilities in Ghana. Speaker Bagbin defined that withinside the overall performance of functions such as Bill examination and policy adoption, Parliament as an institution must be measured.

However, the Rt. Hon. Speaker clarified that MPs can most effective be evaluated withinside the overall performance in their obligations and responsibilities, and that assessment can most effective be performed by the constituents they represent. As a result, a member of parliament from constituency “A” can be measured otherwise from a member of parliament belonging to constituency “B.”

Speaker Bagbin emphasized the significance of Africa cherishing and keeping its identity, culture, and history via way of means of enforcing the adoption of common languages on the way to be covered withinside the curriculum of all African educational institutions. He said “No African country has ever advanced the usage of the language of every other country. Africa can undertake a lingua franca(e).” Rt. Hon. Speaker S. K. Bagbin wished the delegation properly and recommended them to visit Ghana’s tourist attractions.


Source: Ghanatodayonline.com


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