In retaliation, a gang burns a six-bedroom house in Krofrom

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In a suspected act of retaliation by a gang, a six-bedroom house was set on fire Friday afternoon in the Krofrom neighborhood of Kumasi.

In what is thought to be a vengeance assault for the slaughtering of a community worker, the armed young men broke into the home and stole it before lighting it on fire.

Residents worry of many retaliations if security is not increased in the neighborhood.

The young guy in his early 30s, simply known as “Candy,” was murdered on Thursday in the neighborhood by unidentified assailants.

A group of armed adolescents who were allegedly the deceased’s coworkers assaulted the neighborhood on Friday in retaliation.

One of the alleged attackers’ residences, a six-bedroom flat, was set on fire by the gang.
Sarah Owusu, who resides in the destroyed home, asserts that the group first ransacked their rooms before starting the fire.

“They came to us with a rifle and a knife exactly one week ago today to threaten us, but we made it out alive. To steal our TV and clothing, their people came to our house, she said.
Tenant Lamisi Nuhu’s whole possessions were destroyed in the fire.

“I was unable to escape with anything. The fire destroyed all my children belongings.The issue is how to even survive nowadays,Lamisi continued.

Abena Ayiwah, the mother of the alleged perpetrator, claims that her son frequently faced attacks after leaving the group.

DCOP Afful Boakye Yiadom, the commander of the Ashanti Central Police, who was present at the fire scene, urged the locals to provide any information that would be useful in assisting the police in apprehending any suspects connected to the violent actions.

“You stay over here with them. They are your brothers, sisters, and coworkers. Show us their location. Arrests must be made of them. We won’t allow anyone to escape, so if you know where they are, please help the police locate them”.

However, several Krofrom locals claim that such acts are common in the neighborhood and express concern that they may happen again.


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