Kennedy Agyapong criticises politicians of northern Ghana for their failure to develop the region

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Kennedy Agyepong, one of the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) prospective flagbearers, has harshly criticized northern Ghanaian leaders for their failure to advance their region of the nation.

He highlighted his dissatisfaction with their strategies, which included soliciting votes from their fellow northerners simply on the basis of their shared regional identity rather than providing the populace with actual progress.

Mr. Agyepong criticized these politicians on his campaign tour to the Savanna Region, pointing out that the North is blessed with fertile and arable areas, which should have been used to spur economic growth and address the problem of northern urban migration.

He advised people in the North to use common sense and avoid being duped by leaders who have repeatedly broken their commitment to advance the region.

Mr. Agyepong thinks he can help the North’s fortunes change because he is a wise businessman.

He emphasized that while the residents of the North do not live in poverty, they do have access to a multitude of resources that may be used to build riches and prosperity.

His priorities are empowering young people and women, increasing job opportunities, and fostering an inclusive atmosphere free from any type of discrimination that benefits everyone in the region.

With the help of his campaign, Mr. Agyepong hopes to improve the five northern regions by utilizing their potential to generate money and opportunities for the good of the entire community.

His goal is to promote growth, development, and positivity while asking his fellow Northerners to demand transparency and substantive change from their elected officials.


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