Medical Laboratory Professional Workers Union threaten strike

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Due to the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission’s (FWSC) failure to address concerns regarding the Medical Laboratory Professional Workers Union’s (MELPWU) Conditions of Service, the MELPWU has given notice that it will go on strike.

The FWSC has not yet started negotiations with the MELPWU, despite the union having submitted their Conditions of Salaries to it in January 2023, according to the union.

Prosper Senyo Sokpe, the union’s deputy general secretary, and Dr. Franklin Amartey Armah, a member of the Medical Laboratory Workers Union, revealed this on CTV’s Dwa Br3 Mu monitored by

“We submitted our Conditions of Service to the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission,” Dr. Armah stated. “They should have a meeting with us within two weeks of submitting this proposal so we can get feedback on our Conditions of Service.”It was sent in January, and as of right now, it’s May. It’s similar to our employees, who struggle to be controlled at the base since they are working unwillingly, feeling desperate, dissatisfied, and agitated. According to the law, Fair Wages and Salary have not been fair to us, he lamented.

“Let me state for the record that the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission is the custodian of the legislation that we are working with, and they should even be teaching us the law since they are aware of the law. But since we’re the ones looking for better circumstances, we can’t also act as passive leaders,” he continued.

As a result, he said, “We’ve been proactive. Several reminders have been addressed to them, and I actually had the honor of being a part of the team that visited the office the other day to talk about this same problem.

The FWSC had acknowledged the union’s right “to have negotiations,” according to Dr. Armah. He continued, “Ideally, we’re not supposed to go on strike, but you must understand that the laboratory professional that is me is also veins and blood and body and flesh and subject to the emotions of ordinary human beings and Ghanaians. We all frequent the same market and have similar wives.


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